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Meet someone with an interesting past.


Sitting down with a great book is a wonderful way to indulge oneself, but when you sit down with a great memoir you also get enlightened by the lives of phenomenal folks – folks who took great leaps of faith, those that touched many others to improve their lives and some who did not even know they would make a difference when they pursued their dreams.

An Uncrowded Place; The delights and dilemmas of life Up North and a young man's search for home By Bob Butz

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ISBN#: 1932399216

Edition: First, published October 2008


How does a man reconcile a passion for woods and waters with a love for family, community, and home? In this collection of insights and essays, Bob Butz finds the answers don't come easy or without a laugh.


Butz is a young man seeking balance. As a boy, while others were dreaming of football fields and baseball diamonds, he was knee-deep in a neighborhood creek or off hiding in the woods contemplating life as a mountain man. As someone amazed and inspired by wide-open fields, forests, and clear-running trout streams, Butz found little room left in the sprawling brick and mortar suburbs of his eastern Pennsylvania home. So after college, he headed north almost to Canada—an evergreen country where road signs advertise U-PICK BLUEBERRIES, MAPLE SYRUP, and the ravens in the sky outnumber the crows.

But life proves hard in northern Michigan small towns. Jobs are scarce. The winters are cold and long. Life is complicated when you're a man who not only appreciates the solace of good country but also the comfort of a warm fire, a loving wife, and the companionship of good friends.

Though often at odds with the obligations and everyday toils of domestic living, Butz finds what Thoreau called "the nature behind the ordinary," the magic in the seemingly mundane: a trip to the local store; the hefty virtues of a double-bitted ax; the search for the perfect Christmas tree; contemplating life as a trout.

While the intricately linked writings in this book are all centered around life in one small northern Michigan town, in the end Butz creates a portrait of place that ultimately transcends regional boundaries. Poignant and funny, An Uncrowded Place speaks to the trifles and heartaches that make life worth living, and to every wandering soul looking for a place to call home.

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Builder's Apprentice By Andrew J. Hoffman

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ISBN#: 9781932399240

Published: April 2010


In 1986, Andy Hoffman quit an engineering job, declined acceptances for graduate school at Harvard and Berkeley and accepted a carpenter's job in Nantucket. Unbeknownst to him, he had entered the world of high-end custom building. Within four years, he was supervising the construction of a 29,000 square-foot mansion on a 180-acre estate in Fairfield County Connecticut. This is a book about his personal and professional growth along that journey, from apprentice to builder through the tutelage of a seasoned and hard-nosed builder. It describes how uniquely high-end homes are built for select clients, a glimpse into the lives of the blue-collar workers, architects, engineers and clients that come together to make these projects a reality. At its core, this is a coming-of-age story, a celebration of the pursuit of creative impulses and a story about defying the "rules" and finding a personal calling in life.

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NEWT: The Father of Michigan Men’s Gymnastics. By Colt Rosensweig

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ISBN#: 9781932399288

Published: March 2012


Newt was a coach like no other. He has been compared to Bo Schembechler and John Wooden for his highly honored place in his sport, but he had a style all his own. He was a champion gymnast, an innovative Navy athletic welfare officer in World War II, a dedicated father and a unique coach.

But those outside the Michigan and gymnastics worlds haven’t really had a chance to know this amazing man. Newt’s fascinating life story has never been written … until now.

Here’s what others are saying about NEWT: The Father of Michigan Men’s Gymnastics.

"Newt Loken was the consummate story teller. Within minutes of walking into a room, he’d have everyone hanging on his every word. Colt Rosensweig’s NEWT captures that magical quality and infuses it into each chapter. Her chronicle of Newt’s life entertains as it preserves his memory for generations to come."

Justin Toman, Former USA Gymnastics National Team Member; Michigan Captain 1999-2002

“I watched and read Colt Rosensweig as she did a fantastic job covering the University of Michigan gymnastics team for The Michigan Daily. I am thrilled that she continues to pour her talents into her love of the team and of the sport.”

John Lowe, Columnist, Detroit Free Press

"Some people hope to find treasures, money or fame. Writers search for a great story, untold. Colt Rosensweig has found the beautiful story of Newt Loken, one the most likeable and successful coaches in Big Ten history. You'll fall in love with Newt -- and 'NEWT'."

Michael Rosenberg, Columnist, Detroit Free Press

Author, "War As They Knew It: Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler and America in a Time of Unrest"

With the skill of a Hollywood director, Rosensweig projects a verbal video of one of America’s greatest, winning-est and just-plain-fun coaches with his student family of thrill-seeking ring-men, bouncers, tumblers, vaulters as the Wolverines fill their Wall of Champions with unlikely victories over Illinis, Buckeyes, Hawkeyes, Spartans, Salukis, Gophers, Nittany Lions, Broncos and a pack of other glory–hungry collegiate animals. More fun than Barnum & Bailey...NEWT is Great! Great! Great!

Rebekah F Witter, Equestrian author, journalist and champion 

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A Journey Through Medicine By Robert A. Green, M. D

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ISBN#: 978-1-932399-22-6

Edition: First, published April, 2009


"A Journey Through Medicine: A doctor's lessons from his patients reflecting medical practice during the mid and late twentieth century" For those readers who love reading nonfiction medical stories, this book is for you. It doesn't really matter where you start, however, Dr. Green has written it chronologically from the beginning of his medical career that begins with his undergraduate Harvard education, interrupted by WWII. So, you might not want to miss that. Actually, you won't want to miss any of it.

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Liberty, Equality, Consensus & All That Jazz At The Del Rio Bar By Ernie Harburg

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ISBN#: 9781932399233

Published: November 2009


Every revolution needs a good bar. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, that bar was the Del Rio.


In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Ann Arbor morphed from a quiet, Republican university town to an epicenter of the "counterculture" and liberal-left politics. And the new Del Rio bar became the hangout for the newly Democratic City Council members; the anti-Vietnam-war activists, including the vocal Women's Strike for Peace, and the SDS; black power activists, gays and lesbians, women's libbers—a whole range of uppity youth—to strategize, booze and enjoy great jazz.


In Liberty, Equality, Consensus & All That Jazz, social scientist/epidemiologist and former Del Rio owner Ernie Harburg shares the "warts and all" story of the social experiment that was this business establishment —somehow, miraculously run by consensus, right down to hiring and firing. The lesbian cooks who balked at hiring a male. ....the employee who slammed the door on would-be customers because they wore suits....Tory Harburg, co-owner, who begged haughty employees for a raise....Interwoven are an employee's memories of coming to age in the raucous, sexually promiscuous, often drugged-out but surprisingly supportive Del family. And amazingly, the bar stayed open, sometimes just barely, until 2004.


In one quixotic bar is the story of a generation.

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From the Heart By Erik Smith

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ISBN#: 1-932399-12-7

Published: April 2006


From the Heart is a collection of short stories by Erik Smith, the celebrated anchorman for ABC, Channel 7, early-morning news in Detroit, Michigan. He has transformed his award winning television series "From The Heart" into a treasure of compelling, emotionally charged stories. His experience and warm tone captures the spirit and heart of metropolitan Detroit. These are the people that go about their lives, seeking no recognition for the goodwill we so often fail to notice in our hurried lives. You will not find them on the cover of local newspapers or on the headline news, but they are here in From the Heart.

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Kindertransport Memory Quilt By Kirsten Grosz

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ISBN#: 1932399208

Edition: 2nd, published September 2008


The rescue of children from Nazi Germany and from Nazi occupied Austria and the Czech lands in sealed trains before the outbreak of the Second World War, in September 1939, has become known as the Kindertransport, and the rescued children as Kinder. The concept was to provide Kinder with avenues other than oral histories to express and share their experiences. Thus Kindertransport Memory Quilt book was born.


Kirsten Grosz, wife of one of the Kinder had a passion for quilt making and thought it would be a perfect way to honor the Kinder. The quilt would consist of blocks made by Kinder describing their experiences of the Kindertransport. With each block, the Kinder were asked to write a short essay about their life at the time of the Kindertransport. The blocks were collected and assembled into a complete collection.


Getting this project started required getting the word out that this novel project existed and convincing the Kinder that anyone is capable of contributing. Information on how to participate in this venture was published in the KTA newsletter and in the Reunion of Kindertransport (ROK) newsletter in England.


We hope the quilts will not only "talk" about the Kinder but will also remind us that there were many people in England who reached out and took in these refugee Kinder.

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Softcover! Tradition: Bo Schembechler's Michigan Memories By Bo Schembechler with Dan Ewald

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ISBN#: 1-932399-05-4

Edition: Softcover, published July 2003


Bo's coaching extended far beyond the football field. It was coaching for life, with principles, beliefs and traditions that, 14 years later, continue to positively affect generations of players and fans, alike. Dan Ewald follows Bo's limitless legacy of passion for the game, from Ferry Field to Michigan Stadium and everything in between. Fantastic photographs and quotations from the man himself, it's the ultimate Bo book for the ultimate fan. Bo's still the coach we know and love--outspoken, honest, controversial and, as always, he's running the football. It's a book destined to become a tradition among Wolverines everywhere.

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Life and Wisdom of Gwen Frostic, The By Sheryl James

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ISBN#: 1-886947-85-6



Sheryl James, Pulitzer Prize winning writer uncovers one of Michigan's most mystical and unusual natural resources, Gwen Frostic. An artist, a writer, a naturalist, and a businesswoman, Gwen Frostic lived in Michigan all 93 years of life. Gwen Frostic was unquestionably, extraordinary. Everything she did was remarkably unique, a testimony to her intelligence and ironclad independence. Solitary and sure, she made every one of her own decisions, often against advice and custom. Her accomplishments are an inspiration -- for women, for seniors, for business people, for all of us who hope to accomplish something on our own. Here's just one of Gwen's ponderings of life: "A tree each year, at the end of all the twigs, will form new buds. The limbs will grow a little longer and the tips of the branches will remain forever young. The same way with you. With each day, you reach a little further, each day you learn something new, the tops of your mind will remain forever young-no matter how many years you count on your birthday." It's a book sure to inspire.

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Crash Course - Life Lessons That Got Me Back on My Feet By Marylen Oberman

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ISBN#: 193239916X

Edition: First, published November 2006


Marylen Oberman's course was always quick and straight ahead. Always. Only a careening car could teach her about stop and down. A clinical psychologist, Oberman realized she faced years of pain, multiple surgeries, and possibly the loss of both legs. The road to recovery was all but smooth, but Dr. Oberman's spirit and strength paved her way.

This book is for anyone facing a sudden upheaval, be it physical, personal, or professional. Dr. Oberman shows firsthand how to remain motivated, independent, and emotionally stable. Her work is an inspiration!

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