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Net proeeds from  AN UNCROWDED PLACE, by Bob Butz will be donated to the Leelanau Conservancy.  Visit the Memoirs section for more details.



Take advantage of new pricing on BUILDER'S  APPRENTICE, by Andrew J. Hoffman now only $19.95.


This coming-of-age story, celebrates the pursuit of creative impulses and is a story about defying the "rules" and finding a personal calling in life.

Huron River Press publishes books mostly about Michigan: the people, the places, the history, and the food that make it remarkable. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we strive to produce the highest quality books. Our cookbooks explode with exquisite food photography. Our sports books capture the history and excitement of Michigan sports. Our memoirs highlight those individuals from Michigan who have more than their personal stories to share with others. Browse our website and find the book that calls to you or the one that will make the perfect gift.

INTRODUCING THE STARS OF GREENFIELD VILLAGE in this beautiful photography book, The Horses of Greenfield Village. With beautiful photographs and informative stories readers will be guided through a year in the lives of the Percherons and Morgans that live and work at The Greenfield Village, at the Henry Ford.

EXPERIENCE MIDDLE EASTERN COOKING with CHALDEAN FLAIR. Our newest cookbook Ma Baseema gives you a taste of a culture that has one of the world’s oldest cuisines, dating back to ancient Mesopotamia. This culinary journey will show you the essence of Chaldean food and delight your palate with a tempting collection of recipes ranging from soups, appetizers, salads, main-course dishes, breads and desserts. Upon savoring a Chaldean homemade meal, we hope you will say “Ma Baseema” (“How good it is”).

MEET NEWT LOKEN, the ageless cheerleader from Michigan Homecoming games, the men’s gymnastics coach who could do everything at once, and the man with an ever-present smile. In NEWT: The Father of Michigan Men’s Gymnastics you learn about a truly fascinating member of the Michigan sports family.

LEAVING IT ALL BEHIND FOR HAMMERS, NAILS, AND SAWS. Builder’s Apprentice is about his personal and professional growth along that journey, from apprentice to builder through the tutelage of a seasoned and hard-nosed builder.

FROM BEGINNING COOK TO “TOP CHEF” every aspiring cook can learn something new in Freshman in the Kitchen by Max and Eli Sussman Experience a wide range of cooking as you go from Clueless Cook to Creative Chef.


North Coast Almanac peers into a future where powerful forces of nature have transformed a majestic place inspired by Michigan's own north coast to a state of wilderness. Join the Pippin clan on a suspense-filled adventure of survival and discovery, where we meet a family adapting to winds that tell stories, lakes that act like oceans and animal kingdoms you will never forget. This novel for young readers helps us all understand the connection between love for family and the dreams and memories driven by our time outdoors.